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Choosing the Best Flowers for Remembrance

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07Jan 2022

Choosing the Best Flowers for Remembrance

Choosing the Best Flowers for Remembrance

One of the ways in which we can honour those that have died is to remember them in a significant way. A popular way to do this is to lay flowers at a graveside or particularly memorable location. Discover which flowers are best for remembrance and the meaning behind the flowers you choose.

How the Meanings of Flowers Can Help with Remembrance

Every flower has at least one meaning, and knowing what flowers symbolise can help you choose the best ones to remember that special person you love who has died. Flowers are a great way to mark an anniversary of a death or the birthday of the deceased, or any other occasion that you wish to commemorate. The flowers can be left at the grave of the deceased each year, and the old flowers disposed of. If you are unable to go to the final resting place of a loved one, buying flowers and placing them in your home next to a photo of the deceased is also a respectful way to mourn the loss and to remember the life of the person you cared about.

The Meanings Behind Different Remembrance Flowers


Red roses are particularly common at both funerals and memorial events, even though you are more likely to associate red roses with wedding flowers, romance flowers or anniversary flowers. These flowers are indeed associated with love, but not just romantic love. Red roses symbolise everlasting love, which is very appropriate for remembrance services and events.


These cheap flowers are often used in funeral sprays and remembrance floral displays and are available at most florists and flower shops. Light red carnations signify sincere admiration, and white carnations - purity.


Lilies are extremely popular flowers for remembrance ceremonies or events. White lilies symbolise purity, innocence, and hope. Lilies are often used at remembrance services for children.


Although tulips may not be the first type of flower to spring to mind when planning a remembrance service, they make an excellent choice. Tulips are joyful flowers and can be used in a celebration of the life of the deceased. Like red roses, red tulips symbolise love and are an elegant option if you are looking for something different.


These bright, beautiful flowers signify adoration, joy, and loyalty. The sunflower may be a surprising choice, but not when the deceased had a larger-than-life personality or was considered to bring sunshine to the lives of everyone they encountered.


Mums are usually given in condolence shortly after death but can also be used at remembrance events and services. The chrysanthemum symbolises loyalty and everlasting love.


Orchids are extremely elegant and provide a dignified display for those you want to remember. Pink orchids signify grace and femininity, and white orchids, purity and innocence.

How Do I Choose The Best Flowers for My Loved One?

Knowing the meaning behind the assorted flowers associated with death can help you select the perfect blooms from your florist. Remembrance services are an opportunity to truly celebrate the life of your friend or family member, so try to have flowers delivered that best reflect the deceased. This can mean choosing bright, bold flowers like sunflowers or elegant blooms, such as orchids or roses. The flowers you choose can really set the tone of your remembrance event. And if you are struggling to decide, a reputable floral artist can help you decide.

If you are hosting a memorial event, it could be a thoughtful idea to ask friends and family to bring flowers that they believe best represent the deceased.