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Funeral Flower Dos and Don'ts

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10Apr 2018

Funeral Flower Dos and Don'ts

What flowers are suitable for a funeral?

When it comes to sending funeral flowers it can be hard to know what is and isn't acceptable. While you may not think it at first, organising flowers for funerals can actually be a bit of a mine field, so below we share our top dos and don'ts for having funeral flowers delivered to a service, helping you choose the right arrangement, and hopefully avoid offending anybody in the process.

Do choose funeral flowers that are meaningful

You should always aim to choose flowers that have a relevant meaning rather than just choosing any old bunch. While there are no hard and fast rules, certain types, such as lilies and white roses are the more acceptable choice especially if you are looking for something relatively straightforward, or if you don't know what the deceased may have preferred. These are the classic choices and are less likely to land you in hot water than choosing something totally wacky that could accidentally offend. For example you may think the bright sunflower is a great choice because it's cheery, but if it doesn't have any relevance to the person who passed away, then it could be seen as insensitive. It's unfair, but it does happen, so we'd recommend always going with something that is widely regarded as a 'funeral flower', or something you know has meaning to the person who passed away.

Don't decide based on someone else's recommendation

Although it's always wise to go with something traditional if you don't know much about flowers, if, however, you have a good idea of what the most appropriate funeral basket or arrangement would be then use your own common sense rather than relying on the opinion of someone else. For example, while a florist may know about flowers, they don't necessarily know about the person whose life you are celebrating, so if you feel 100% sure about your choice, even if it is a bit out there, then don't get swayed by the views of others who don't have that insight. It is a tricky balancing act, but ultimately you want to celebrate a specific person, so if you can make it personal to them do so.

Do personalise it to the person you are remembering

Related to the above is the importance of making a funeral spray as personal as possible. This may not be possible if you weren't particularly close with the individual, but if it is someone close to you then this is the time to show them how much you care for them through flower delivery. It is genuinely amazing what florists can do these days, so if you have a certain theme in mind, then always take the time to speak to a professional florist about it and see what they can do. Examples of highly personal arrangements could include displays depicting their favourite hobby or sports team, spelling out their name or relationship with you, or just a combination of their all time favourite flowers.

Don't choose anything distasteful

Although personalisation is important, it is also vital to be tasteful in what you choose, don't opt for anything that could offend others at the funeral service. Tensions are already running high at a funeral, and it is not unheard of for families and friends to have huge falling outs over the smallest things, such as flowers. So always be considerate of others, and if you have even the slightest inkling that you could cause a stir with your choice, it's probably best to choose something else. If you're unsure, it may be a good idea to sense check your idea with someone else, just to get a second opinion.

Do check flowers are welcome

Some families choose not to have funeral flowers delivered and may wish that others refrain from doing so as well. Although it is still common for funeral flowers to be sent, it is always wise to double check before placing your order. Often this information will be available in the funeral announcement or invite, however if you can't locate it there it is OK to simply ask and explain you want to make sure you are following their wishes, in most cases this will be met with appreciation.

Don't send flowers if they are not

If you discover that the relatives would prefer flowers are not sent, then respect these wishes where possible. Sometimes you may discover this fact after placing your order, in which case it's best to simply explain to the family and assure them that no offence was meant. But if you do discover it in good time, take it on-board and follow the wishes of those making the decision. They may, for example prefer you to donate the equivalent amount of money to charity instead of sending sympathy flowers, so do this instead.