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How to Buy Flowers for a Funeral

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14Sep 2018

How to Buy Flowers for a Funeral

Buying Flowers for a Funeral

When buying flowers for a funeral, the choice of the flowers is dictated by the relationship one has with the deceased. Therefore, choosing the right flowers for the occasion is crucial. Sending flowers to the bereaved family helps the bereaved recognize that they are in your thought during the difficult time. It is a way of expressing your sympathy and heartfelt condolences. Sending funeral flowers helps celebrate life while providing comfort to the bereaved family.

Different flowers come with different meaning hence should be carefully chosen. Apple blossom foretell better things to come, lilies promises the return of happiness, and red roses dispenses love.

Casket Sprays

Close family members and those carrying out the pre-funeral arrangements are the ones entitled to choose the casket sprays. In cases where funeral flower theme is essential, one has to check with the family members to agree on the colour or even a particular type of a flower. Choosing the correct funeral tribute can be a challenge since funeral and sympathy flowers exist in many different types.

Posies and baskets

Posies and baskets appear in different varying designs both in traditional and modern models. They are either sent directly to the funeral or posted to the bereaved family as a tribute gift.

Funeral Spray

The funeral spray is a kind of tribute expressing sympathy. They vary from single ended to double ended designs and are available in different colours, sizes, and styles to fit the requirements.

Floral Wreaths

Funeral wreaths come in circular designs and are very versatile. They are sent to a funeral as a sign of respect to the deceased. They are present in both modern and traditional designs, colours, styles, and sizes to suit your needs.

Coffin Sprays

Closest family members and the funeral organizer working hand in hand with funeral directors pertaining the funeral arrangements choose the coffin sprays. Coffin sprays are often made to ornament the casket.

Floral Hearts

Sending floral hearts tribute to a funeral indicates the great compassion and love felt by the close family.

Funeral Crosses

Funeral crosses are the primary tributes posted to the funeral and express a person’s profound feelings. They are often chosen by close family members and friends. Special tributes reflect on the love and remembrance of the deceased. Choosing the right funeral crosses helps recognize what the deceased loved to do.

Cushions and Pillows

Cushions and pillows symbolize comfort in the resting place as the last hood of comfort. Cushions and pillows are believed to give the deceased a comfortable stay which is characterized by fewer struggles hence it seemed decent.

Flower Delivery

Flower deliveries are usually directed to the funeral before the funeral procession. In most instances, the flowers are delivered to the funeral directors before the funeral. The florists should help you come up with a funeral tribute and sympathy message cards which should come hand in hand with the funeral flowers delivered to the service.

The ordering of the funeral flowers should be done 24 hours prior to the service but there are flower shops that offer same day delivery. The delivery of the funeral flowers and tribute can be done personally by a local florist, making it less stressful.

Online Ordering of flowers

When making an online order, you should give the name of the deceased, the address where the service will be held and a sympathy card message which will accompany the tribute for an uncompromised delivery to happen.

Choosing flowers for a funeral can be a difficult process as it depends on your relationship with the deceased, your budget and the age of the deceased.