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Meanings of Traditional Funeral Flower Arrangements

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11Nov 2019

Meanings of Traditional Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral flower arrangement

Funerals are different from other ceremonies since there are a lot of feelings. It is essential that the right flowers are selected to represent the loss of a loved one. Flowers are used since they represent the natural circle of life that one is born; they grow and die when their time comes just like the flowers. Different cultures and religions have different meanings for a given type of flower. Failure to choose the right flowers may lead to offending the grieving family. Funeral flowers have been used for a long time; the practice is used to express feelings which cannot be said directly to the grieving family. It is necessary that an individual has prior knowledge before contacting a florist for a funeral flower arrangement. It is necessary that an individual understands the meaning of the different funeral flowers before making a funeral flower arrangement.


They are the common funeral flowers with an aroma which makes it useful in special events.  The white lily is used in funerals since it symbolizes peace, purity, and sympathy.  The white lilies are mostly used in funeral flower arrangements and funeral wreaths. The white lilies signify peace and purity.


The flowers are also popular in funeral flower arrangements. The colour choice is essential in this type of flower since the pink colour stands for mothers love and remembrance while the white stands for true love and innocence.


They are also included in funeral flower arrangements despite having various uses in different cultures. The white blooms in America symbolize truth and integrity, in Korea, Japan, and Europe they stand for lamentation and grief. They are sometimes referred to as mums.


Generally, roses have been associated with romance as depicted in movies. Like the carnations, different colours of roses are used for different functions. The dark red roses are used to symbolize grief while the yellow roses stand for friendship and strong bond. Both colours are used in funeral flower arrangements depending on the relationship with the dead person.


They are unique funeral flowers, and they are best used when delivered in a pot rather than in single pieces. The common colours of orchids used are pink and white, which represent everlasting love.


They are also used in funeral flower arrangements with their purple and scented nature. They represent devotion and holiness.


The flowers usually grow during the start of spring. Due to their time of growth, they are used in funerals sprays to signify hope and rebirth. They are used in funerals to celebrate the life of a loved one. It is an emerging trend since it was not used in a traditional setup.


From their name, the flowers are used in funeral arrangements to ensure that the loved one is remembered even after their rest. There is a trend where individual family members and friends are given seeds of the flower to plant as a floral tribute for the departed soul.

Choice of Funeral Flowers

It is important that funeral directors and florists are contacted to help in the choice of funeral flower arrangements. Through the consultation of florists, a perfect floral tribute can be attained during the funeral of a loved one. The current trends have added some new flower types to the traditional funeral flowers arrangements. In cases where the favourite flower of a loved one is remembered, it is necessary that the florists are informed to add to the flower arrangements. Order request can be made to the florists to deliver the flowers needed for the funeral service. Friends can buy flowers from flower shops at an affordable price and take them to the funeral service. The ordered flowers can be delivered instantly upon request or can be delivered the next day. Funeral directors play a critical role in ensuring that they work with the florists to ensure that a loved one is given a good sendoff through the accompaniment of a perfect choice of funeral flower arrangements.