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Tips for Sending Flowers to a Funeral

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18Feb 2022

Tips for Sending Flowers to a Funeral

How to send Funeral Flowers

Funerals are understandably sensitive occasions, and mourners will want to show their condolences in the most respectful way possible. These condolences can be shown in a number of ways, but as any florist will attest, flowers are quite possibly the number one way in which to do so. Flower delivery has been, for many years, one of the best ways to express your grief at the passing of a loved one. You may, however, be unsure as to what flowers are best to send to a funeral. Follow our top tips on sending flowers to a funeral, and learn which blooms are appropriate for this most solemn occasion.

What Flowers Do I Send When Attending As a Non-family Member?

Before having flowers delivered, it is important to ascertain the wishes of the family or organisers of the funeral. Have the family requested that donations be made to the deceased’s favoured charity instead of flowers? If so, respect this request. You can, of course, send flowers as a sign of condolence before or after the funeral if the family are open to this. If flowers are indeed permitted or encouraged, ensure you shop at reputable florists to ensure the flowers will be of a high standard. Cheap flowers that look past their best can be taken as a sign of disrespect and although you don’t need to spend a lot on flowers, make sure they are fresh and not wilting. One of the best ways to achieve this is to arrange to have the flowers delivered via same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery.

There are assorted flowers you can send as a mourner, including bouquets of fragrant white lilies or elegant arrangements of white roses. Or even a wreath should you have a close enough relationship with the family to do so. White flowers are often the flowers of choice for funerals as white symbolises purity, hope, and innocence. However, if you know the favourite flowers of the deceased, it would be a nice touch to source these in your preferred flower shops and send them to the funeral.

When Not to Send Flowers

Although you may think that sending flowers is all part of attending a funeral, there are certain cultures and religions that prefer mourners not to send flowers. For example, during the period of mourning in Jewish families, it is preferred that flowers are not sent. Certain colours of flowers should also be avoided in some cultures. In Western culture, it is usual to see red roses at funerals, even though these could also be seen as romance flowers. However, in China, red is viewed as the colour of joy and fortune and should therefore not be included in funeral flowers. In fact, it was once tradition for Chinese brides to wear red and for wedding flowers to be red also. You should therefore not send red flowers to the funeral of Chinese friends and relatives.

If you are unsure about the types of flowers to send, check with the funeral venue or the family before sending a floral tribute to a funeral.

How to Send Flowers

Rather than bringing flowers with you to a funeral, arrange for them to be sent to the funeral venue in plenty of time for the service. Inform your chosen flower store of the date and time of the service so they can ensure your flowers are delivered in time. If you are meeting the hearse at the family home, the funeral organisers may also be able to take the flowers from you and place them in the hearse. Simply find out what the family would prefer by asking the funeral organisers ahead of the service.