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Types of Funeral Arrangements

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13Mar 2018

Types of Funeral Arrangements

Most Common Floral Arrangements for Funerals

If you have never had to organise flowers for funerals before you may be wondering what all the different terminology means, and what the options are when it comes to sending funeral flowers for a loved one who has passed away. In this article, we will explain some of the most common floral arrangements for funerals, and help you navigate the options to choose the right one of your needs.

1. Funeral Bouquets

A bouquet is a relatively simple arrangement, made up of a variety of different flowers and normally put together by a professional florist. It is typically the cheapest option if you wish to send funeral flowers, and in fact doesn't need to be created by a professional florist, but if you wish to send the best quality flowers you can afford, this is usually the best option to choose. With a funeral bouquet you can choose any flowers you like to be included, but will often include traditional funeral blooms, such as lilies, and roses. A bouquet may be chosen by those who are acquainted with the deceased, but don't necessarily have a close relationship.

2. Baskets

Funeral baskets are similar to bouquets in that they are still quite simple, and will normally primarily focus on a select range of flowers without much other design. However due to having the basket in which the flowers sit, they are often slightly more expensive, and tend to last a little bit longer than a bouquet. And because of the basket, they are generally viewed as a little bit more 'special' than a bouquet, although this ultimately comes down to personal preference and opinion. Again this option is normally a good choice for those who knew the deceased but who do not have a very close relationship.

3. Single Flower Tribute

Unlike other arrangements, the single flower tribute is typically thrown onto the casket, rather than displayed at the funeral site itself. Most commonly the flower of choice will be a rose, but it could be something else depending on the situation, for example may be a flower the deceased particularly liked. In some cases the single flower tribute will be provided by the family on the day, for people to offer.

4. Wreaths

Funeral wreaths are one of the most common funeral arrangements and often are sent by people close to the deceased. They are typically more expensive than a bouquet or basket, and tend to be more personal to the individual being laid to rest. It may only include flowers, or it could include ribbons, ornaments and other adornments. Unlike funeral baskets and bouquets these will need to be designed by qualified florists as they are a significantly more complex design.

5. Tributes

Dedicated funeral tributes are an increasingly popular option for those looking for a highly personalised floral arrangement. Tributes are often designed based on the person's name, or their relationship to the person ordering them (i.e. Mum, Dad etc.) but they can also include a wide range of other designs. These are often included in the car taking the deceased to the burial site. It is well worth speaking to a professional to understand what can and cannot be created for a tribute, and also ask to see some examples to get a rough idea of what you may want. Funeral tributes are almost exclusively sent by very close family, and it is not ordinarily expected that anyone of distant acquaintance would send a funeral tribute, so if you wish to do so, it may be worth checking beforehand. They are also one of the most expensive designs to order.

6. Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are the large bouquets of flowers that are laid on top of a casket as it is being driven to the place of burial. They are very intricate designs and will need to be created by a professional in order to get the best quality. It is therefore best to order from a flower shop specialising in funeral flowers to get the best quality.

There are such a wide range of possible options when it comes to choosing to send flowers for a funeral that it can at first seem a little overwhelming. However making the right choice is important, in order to send the most fitting tribute to your loved one, so it is worth doing some research to make sure you choose the option that suits your needs, bearing in mind your budget, relationship to the deceased and type of flowers you'd like to send.