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Coronavirus Advice and Information for Funerals

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30Sep 2022

Coronavirus Advice and Information for Funerals

Coronavirus Advice and Information for Funerals

While many aspects of life have returned to normal since the initial outbreak of coronavirus, it is still a present danger, and it remains important to stay vigilant and safe. This is just as true for events such as funerals as it is for other activities and locations. And while the official guidance may have changed, it is sensible to maintain some safety precautions at funerals where possible. We look at some of the things to consider if you are planning a funeral and want to be wary of coronavirus.

Safety First

This remains the best way to keep people safe and healthy, and while no one wants to disrupt an event such as a funeral, it is important to be considerate of health and safety. This may include asking individuals who have symptoms of the virus not to attend or to take precautions if they do come along. As the legal restrictions have now come to an end (in the UK, at least), you may decide that this isn’t necessary, but it is vital to be considerate of the context. If you are hosting a funeral where lots of attendees are frail, old, or at risk, then precautions are advised. For a less vulnerable group, you may decide that it is not necessary but do take some time to consider the risk and what steps you want to take to initiate a safety-first approach.

Make Rules Clear

If you do intend to implement rules for attendees, it is wise to make these clear up front. This could include asking people to wear masks, encouraging hand sanitizing, or asking people with symptoms not to come. Whatever restrictions you decide to implement should be announced ahead of time so that people can adhere to them or make the decision whether they can or should attend. In this instance, if people cannot attend due to coronavirus, you may want to let them know what they can do instead, such as sending funeral flowers or a letter tribute online to be included in the service.

Good Sense

Ultimately the decision to host a funeral service during the coronavirus is yours to make, and common sense is the best guide. As we mentioned above, if you are likely to have lots of vulnerable people in attendance, then some safety steps would be wise. Even if not, it is still important to respect any local customs or regulations laid out by the funeral directors and funeral flower shop. While it may be frustrating to have to alter your plans due to Covid-19, it is important to remember that they are in place for everyone’s benefit and not intended to cause frustration.

Alternative Options

If your funeral plans are disrupted by the virus, you may choose to have alternative plans in place. For example, an indoor service may instead be hosted outside. You may choose to have a memorial with sympathy flowers instead of a funeral, where you can be more in control of what activities are carried out and where. You may even choose to video the service so those who can’t attend the ceremony can still be part of it.