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Funeral Card Message Ideas

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07May 2019

Funeral Card Message Ideas

What Do You Write on a Funeral Card?

Losing a loved one is always a tragedy to the bereaved, and everyone who was close to the deceased. Death, whether through an accident, expected due to an ailment, or by suicide is always depressing. It is by far the most tormenting thing that can happen to a family or a friend.

It could take a person several months depending on different people to recover from the shock. During these times, nothing seems to please the bereaved. Even their most favourite meals, hobbies, pets or novels annoy them. Nothing you do can immediately change the situation. Therefore, personalizing a sympathy card alongside your funeral flowers is always a good decision. It is a good idea to send funeral flowers but you need to add a funeral card message that expresses your feelings.

Unfortunately, signing your funeral tributes won't be an easy task either. No particular words seem to express exactly how you feel. We worry about passing the wrong message and wonder what exactly to write. However, the following tips will assist you to draft a perfect sympathy card to accompany your funeral tribute.

Tips for Drafting a Funeral Card:

1. Try to express your feelings about the loss in the best way you can. A brief paragraph expressing your heartfelt condolences will go a long way in lifting their spirits.
2. Validate their sorrows by acknowledging the need to mourn their loved one.
3. Share a memory for it will help in healing them and add compassion to your sympathies.
4. Honour your relationship with the deceased by sharing some activities you participated together if you were close.
5. However, it will be wiser to get to know their religious beliefs first before adding a spiritual sympathy message to the card.

On the contrary, try as much as possible to avoid the following messages:

- I know exactly how you feel. Instead, clarify that you respect and understand their need to grieve.
- They are in a better place. Nobody wants to lose a loved one even when it was expected.

Messages For Funeral Cards:

•    Forever in our hearts you'll stay.
•    My heart is filled with sorrow.
•    Treasured memories.
•    We miss you so much.
•    Always in my heart.
•    We will meet on the other side.

Nevertheless, while it won't be easy to draft the perfect funeral flowers card to pass your condolences in the best way you wanted, it will be entirely significant to still reach out in sympathy during this grieving period.