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Funeral Flower Traditions by Culture and Faith

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08May 2020

Funeral Flower Traditions by Culture and Faith

Find the Perfect Flowers and Express Your Sympathies

When someone passes, it can be tricky to know what to say. You want to get across a heartfelt message, offer your condolences, and of course just be there for the family. Get this message across by sending funeral flowers to the family of the deceased. There are numerous funeral flower arrangements to choose from. Send funeral flowers that will show how much you care. Such a gift can really say a thousand words, especially useful when you are choked up with emotions, and the words just won’t come out.

If you have thought about funeral flower delivery as a means of expressing your sympathies and condolences, or perhaps you are a part of the family of the deceased and are preparing for the funeral, you will find a range of funeral tributes and other arrangements at our online florist. Perhaps you are going for a certain design, have a particular colour scheme in mind, or want to send flowers that fit in with the family’s culture and faith; you will find the flowers you are after at our online shop.

It is not always appropriate to send flowers at the time of a funeral. For example, in Jewish culture, fruits and food baskets are sent to the family home. Sending flowers doesn’t fit in with tradition.

In Buddhism, traditionally white flower arrangements are sent to the family’s home at the time of mourning. The white symbolises purity, hence the family of the deceased also wear white at the funeral. Sending flowers consisting of other colours is considered poor etiquette.

At the time of Hindu funerals, the body is surrounded by flowers, usually consisting of garlands and many other arrangements. However, it is usually the family who organise such arrangements. As guests, an offering of fruit is permissible post-cremation.

There are varied opinions in regards to sending flowers at the time of a funeral, as to the appropriate etiquette at the time of a Muslim funeral. At some funerals, flowers may be placed on the grave, and fragrant flowers such as roses may be sent to the family as a gift. However, it is best to check with the family first as they may have other practices or alternative forms of etiquette.

In Christianity, it is encouraged to send flowers to the family’s home or the funeral home. Sombre flower arrangements are appropriate. Bouquets and floral tributes in the shape of a cross can also be sent. Flowers can also be used to decorate the grave or can be placed in the ground with the casket.

Sometimes, funerals are conducted to fit in with a person’s cultural values. But the family may also want to encourage self-expression, want the funeral to be about celebrating the life of the deceased, the individual’s personality, the colour and flowers they liked. Ensure you contact a member of the family, so that you can send appropriate flowers.

If you wish to express your sympathies at the time of someone’s passing, sending flowers can be the way to go. But if the funeral is being practised to tie in with the family’s beliefs, culture and traditional values, it is essential to honour these customs to avoid causing any further grief and unnecessary offence. Learn about proper funeral etiquette and express your sympathy appropriately.

Should you wish to purchase flowers for a funeral and send them to the family or funeral home, you will find a wide of flowers at our online shop. We have an assortment of different tributes, sprays, wreaths and bouquets. Find the perfect flowers and express your sympathies today.