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Funeral Flowers by Seasons

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31Aug 2021

Funeral Flowers by Seasons

A Guide to Seasonal Funeral Flowers

Although there are certain flowers that are considered traditional for funerals at all times of the year, it is also true that there are flowers for funerals that coincide with certain seasons. Some flowers only bloom at specific times of year but are considered excellent funeral flower options. Knowing all the different options available can be of great help in selecting the right flowers for your need. You may discover that certain flowers are easier to access during specific seasons. Alternatively, you may wish to honour a loved one by choosing their favourite flower or selecting funeral tributes based on their favourite time of year. There are lots of different ways to use flowers to honour the dead, so in this blog, we look at some of the different seasonal flowers you can send for funerals.

Spring - This is one of the best times of the year for flowers, given that so many tend to bloom in spring. This means that you will typically have access to a greater selection of flowers during this season. But which ones are the most suitable for funeral flower arrangements? Lilies are a great option at any time but are particularly popular during the spring. White lilies, specifically, are the most common flower for funeral arrangements. In addition, roses are also a good option at this time of year as they are in full bloom during the spring, so you tend to get the best quality bouquets in this season. As with many flowers, the colour you choose signifies a different meaning - red for love, yellow for friendship, white for grief.

Summer - As you may notice in nature, summer tends to bring with it a great selection of brightly coloured, bold flowers. Options during this time include sunflowers. Although these may not be considered traditional funeral flowers, they are growing in popularity, thanks to their cheery visage, and the fact that they symbolise friendship, loyalty and positivity. Other options during summer include the statice bloom, which signifies remembrance and sympathy. Tuberose is another option for summer arrangements and is often used in casket sprays and wreaths for funerals.

Autumn - you may find more traditional flowers during this season, as flowers like violets bloom at this time of year. Violets are a flower that symbolise love making it an ideal funeral flower. The iris is also popular for autumnal displays, adding an interesting pop of colour and signifying adoration. Another popular option is a poppy, which has long been connected with grief and remembrance.

Winter - White flowers tend to be more common in winter funeral arrangements, being representative of snow, but also innocence and loss. Hyacines are one of the most common winter blooms used in funeral bouquets, as they express great sorrow and grief, making them highly appropriate. Oddly, daffodils are also popular at this time of year as they represent new life and rebirth, making them particularly appropriate for certain religious ceremonies where rebirth is part of the belief system. The bright colour also offers a pleasant visual component wot the funeral tributes.

All year - While the above showcase which flowers are considered traditional for each season, the reality is that death occurs year-round, and it’s, therefore, useful to know which blooms may be appropriate at any time. Ultimately any flowers can be used for funerals, and it may be that there is a specific flower that the deceased liked during their life that may be incorporated into the display. If not, traditional blooms such as lilies chrysanthemums, and posies are classic choices that are commonly used regardless of the season.