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Meaning Behind Different Types of Popular Funeral Flowers

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13Dec 2021

Meaning Behind Different Types of Popular Funeral Flowers

How to Choose Funeral Flowers by Understanding Their Meanings

Flowers have always played an important part in funerals in the UK but do you know the meanings behind different types of popular funeral flowers? Before you browse your local florist looking for the perfect funeral flowers, it is worth delving deeper into the meaning behind certain flowers. Have funeral flowers delivered that reveal a relevant meaning and discover which blooms provide the perfect gesture you want to convey.


One of the most popular flowers that florists sell for funerals is the lily. The fragrant and beautiful lily has been a traditional sympathy flower for many years, particularly at Christian funerals. Lilies are synonymous with purity and innocence, which is very fitting for religious funerals. Christianity teaches that after death, our souls pass to the Kingdom of God, and to do so, one must be innocent in that we renounce any earthly sins. Therefore, the meaning of innocence and purity symbolised by lilies promotes these beliefs and make the flowers ideal for funerals.


Another popular funeral flower is the rose. The rose symbolises love, and each colour of the rose has a different meaning. A white rose signifies purity, humility, and innocence. Deep red roses symbolise everlasting love and respect, and pink roses show gratefulness for knowing the deceased. Yellow roses are also poignant as they symbolise friendship and loyalty.


The elegant orchid is a common choice for funeral flowers and sympathy arrangements. Therefore, if you wish to organise a flower delivery to the family of the deceased, orchids would be an appropriate option. Pink and white orchids signify eternal love and respectful mourning. Orchids also last a long time and are therefore a thoughtful choice to purchase from flower shops at this time of mourning.


In many countries, chrysanthemums are used only as funeral flowers and not gifted at any other time. These flowers actual represent joy and life and, therefore, are seen as a celebration of the life of the deceased. As with many flowers, the colour red symbolises love and white, purity and innocence.


Like chrysanthemums, gerberas represent joy and are therefore used at funerals to celebrate the life of the deceased. During Victorian times, the flower signified simple living and gratefulness.


Carnations are a beautiful choice for funeral flowers and signify deep affection. White carnations are commonplace at funerals, but red carnations are also appropriate as they denote admiration. Pink carnations reflect remembrance and can therefore be used at funerals and memorial ceremonies.

Each of these flowers can be used in coffin sprays and funeral bouquets. If you are planning to send flowers to show your sympathy, ensure that this gesture is appropriate in the culture of the deceased’s family as some religions and cultures prefer not to receive flowers during their time of mourning. Once you have ascertained that sympathy flowers are appropriate, send them as soon as possible after hearing news of the death. Take advantage of same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery services to ensure your sympathy flowers arrive quickly. If sending flowers for the funeral, send them before the service and to the funeral home as it would not be appropriate to take them to the funeral service yourself. Ensure you address the flowers using the full family name, so the funeral organisers know exactly for which service the flowers are intended. Flowers are the perfect way to show that you care, especially at such a difficult time.