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Proper Etiquette for Sending Sympathy Flowers

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19Jun 2020

Proper Etiquette for Sending Sympathy Flowers

How to Send Sympathy Flowers

At the time of someone’s passing, understandably it is a distressing time for all involved. Whether you are a part of the family or a friend learning of the news, there is going to be lots that are going on in your mind. As a family friend, you are going to want to be there for those who have lost a relative, support them, express your deepest sympathies and let them know that they are in your thoughts. What is the best way to do this? Sending a little gift, a gesture expressing your heartfelt sympathies and sorrow, is the ideal way to show someone you care.

At the time of a funeral or someone’s passing, many gifts could be sent. Thinking about the family, how busy they must be getting things in order and arranging the funeral, sending food baskets is a thoughtful gesture. But the best gesture you can make is to send funeral flowers. Flowers for funerals can symbolise certain aspects of the individual’s personality, colours can represent traditional and cultural values. What is more, a beautiful bouquet of flowers can just be a nice gift, it is a loving gesture to make. Although, having said this, not all funeral flowers are appropriate at such time. There is a certain etiquette that you should abide by when it comes to funeral flower delivery. Adhere to this etiquette, and your funeral tributes will be the loving gift you intended them to be.

Before you send sympathy flowers, ensure you know if the funeral is going to have religious connotations or is going to be conducted to tie in with the family’s traditional and cultural values. Some religions accept funeral flower arrangements at such time, but each has their preferences when it comes to designs and colour schemes. For example, in Hinduism, it is permissible to send garlands, and in Buddhism, white flowers are traditionally sent. Sometimes, it is not proper etiquette to send flowers. In certain Islamic traditions, for example, families don’t always accept flowers.

Sending flowers is greatly encouraged and is a thoughtful gesture. But before you do so, it is well worth talking to a member of the family or to the religious leader conducting the ceremony to ensure sending flowers ties in with the family’s wishes.

There are many different flower arrangements to choose from. Knowing which one to send to the family of the deceased, can prove to be problematic for some. Generally speaking, if you are a friend of the family, it is acceptable to send flowers such as posies, baskets and sprays. Even a beautiful bouquet will get across your heartfelt message of sympathy. But when it comes to funeral wreaths, tributes such as letter tributes, unless told otherwise, it is the family who is going to be arranging such flowers, generally close family.

We appreciate that you may not always want to bother anybody at such a time, and just send flowers right away, but a good idea to ensure you are following proper funeral flower etiquette and the wishes of the family are to speak to a member of the family. On occasions, funerals follow a certain theme, may have a colour scheme. Then, of course, it is simply a matter of sending flowers that fit in with this theme. If you are ever in doubt, just ask. It is better to ask than risk upsetting the family because you aren’t following proper etiquette.

Despite your best intentions, the etiquette surrounding funeral flowers can prove to be a minefield. But follow a few simple rules, and your flowers will be the heartfelt gesture you wanted them to be.