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Suitable Grandma's Tributes

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06Feb 2018

Suitable Grandma's Tributes

Choosing the Right Funeral Flower Arrangement for Your Beloved Grandma

The design of funeral flowers has changed drastically over recent years, in years gone by the choice would be relatively limited, and when it came to designing a grandma tribute, it was a traditional funeral basket or funeral posies, but today the options are virtually endless.

So how do you pick the right tribute for your beloved grandma? We share some of the potential options out there, to help you decide:

The Traditional Funeral Flowers

Depending on your grandma's taste, you may wish to go for something traditional if you feel or know that this is what she would have liked. In this instance, you may opt for the tried and tested funeral posies or funeral baskets. In some cases your grandmother may have even told you what she wants, in which case this should help save any difficulty in choosing. But if this isn't the case, and you're not really sure what she'd have liked, you can't really go wrong with traditional.

A Bespoke Funeral Tribute

If your grandma had a specific interest, hobby or favourite flower you may decide to create a tribute to her based on this. Florists can help you understand what the options are, but they could include a funeral wreath made up of her favourite flowers, a tribute saying 'nan', 'grandma', or whatever you may have called her, or you may have a bespoke design made focussing on her favourite hobby or primary interest. The possibilities here are almost endless, so it may be helpful to speak with a qualified florist to get some guidance and see some examples to help you decide on the right option for your grandma.

A Flowerless Tribute

For some grandmas a sending funeral flowers just won't be appropriate, whether it's because they don't like flowers, or have actively asked you not to send flowers on the day and instead donate money to charity or similar, there will always be situation in which flowers are just not the right choice. In this scenario, you may decide to choose something else as a fitting tribute, and this could open a world of options to you, but it is important to be considerate of how you will display and maintain such tributes, and always check with the funeral home if you wish to send a tribute that is out of the ordinary, whether that is flowers or something else.