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Symbolic Flowers for Grief and Sympathy

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11Feb 2022

Symbolic Flowers for Grief and Sympathy

Choosing Sympathy Flowers

When a friend or relative loses a loved one, you will undoubtedly want to show them that you care. One of the best ways to send your condolences is with thoughtful flower delivery. If you are the bereaved, it is also helpful to know which flowers would be most fitting to show your grief. Before having flowers delivered or visiting your florist to select your blooms, discover which symbolic flowers for grief and sympathy you should send. Learn the meanings behind appropriate flowers and discover which flowers florists recommend.

Cheap flowers

If you are on a tight budget but still want to express your sympathy or grief, there are meaningful flowers that you can choose.


These pretty blooms are extremely cheap, especially when bought in bulk. Carnations are often included in funeral sprays. White carnations symbolise innocence and purity, which is why they were often used as wedding flowers in the past. However, because of the symbolism behind white carnations, they are also used in funeral flowers. Many cultures and religions believe that when somebody dies, their soul goes to Heaven, where it returns to a pure state. Red carnations depict deep love or sincere admiration.


Often overlooked as a funeral flower, the daffodil is a simple flower that can send an effective message of sympathy or grief. Daffodils signify rebirth and can also symbolise hope. These flowers can be combined with other flowers or presented on their own in a bright bouquet.

Elegant Flowers for Funerals and Condolences

If you are looking for elegant blooms, there are a variety of flowers that symbolise grief and sympathy, which are considered particularly beautiful.


Although roses are considered romance flowers, these timeless flowers are also included in funeral sprays and funeral floral arrangements. One of the great things about roses is that they will be readily available in flower shops and are also the perfect choice should you wish to send flowers by post. Red roses are known for symbolising true love, and when they are used at funerals they convey the deep love and loss felt by those in mourning. Yellow roses signify friendship and loyalty, and white roses convey pure love and innocence. Pink roses represent love and grace.


These truly elegant flowers are said to show deep respect and admiration, in addition to eternal love. When sending orchids as sympathy flowers, it is traditional to send purple, pink, or white orchids.


These are perhaps the most popular flower for funerals and to send in condolence. In the Christian faith, the Easter Lily represents the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is why Easter Lilies are a popular choice for Christian funerals.

Unusual flowers

If you are looking for non-traditional flowers to send in sympathy to someone who appreciates things that are a little different, there are a few options.


A colourful bouquet of tulips can show sympathy and even convey hope for the future. Red tulips symbolise true love, whereas white tulips are often given as a sign of respect and to the funeral of someone with which you held the utmost respect.


These flowers are often seen as cheerful flowers, but they are actually a symbol of sympathy. A potted hydrangea is a beautiful gift to give to bereaved friends and relatives as they can plant it in remembrance of the one they have lost.

Knowing the meaning behind flowers for grief and sympathy can help you select the perfect flowers for your loved ones who are bereaved. Each flower can then be used to create a bouquet or floral arrangement filled with the sentiments you want to convey.