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The Importance of Flowers at a Funeral Service

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20Feb 2018

The Importance of Flowers at a Funeral Service

Sending Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funerals are desperately sad occasions, with nothing being able to reduce the pain and grief felt when a loved one passes away. Some people wonder why, then, are flowers used to mark and commemorate the life of someone who has passed on. Often the bright colours and beautiful arrays of funeral flowers can seem in contrast with the tragedy of the loss, but the truth is floral funeral tributes are a common sight at a funeral, because they are bright and beautiful.

Not only are funeral wreaths and displays intended to show deep affection for a loved who has died, but they are also there as a celebration of life, and have traditionally served the purpose of reminding us that life is a complex circle. Having flowers delivered to a funeral is important because it also helps remind those grieving that there is still beauty in the world, and that while the loss may be heartfelt, life will continue to bloom.

On top of this is the wonderful way a funeral flower delivery can commemorate the life of someone; by showering their funeral day with their favourite flowers, and beautiful scents, it becomes a fitting tribute from those who loved them. While there are certain flowers for funerals that are viewed as 'traditional', such as lilies, which have long been a standard sympathy flower, often the funeral sprays chosen are based on what the deceased would have liked, perhaps their favourite bloom, or perhaps something that reminds their loved one of them. These flowers tend to be the most impactful because they have a real and powerful meaning behind them, creating a stunning display.

Another important factor of having funeral posies and other arrangements is the calming influence they have on the bereaved. It is well known that certain flowers have a powerful calming effect on people, and having these on display during such a sad time, can help support individuals as they grieve for their loved one. It is for this reason that funeral homes and cemeteries will often have flowers in display, regardless of whether any have been sent by loved ones. Creating a calm and soothing atmosphere is of vital importance when people have suffered a loss, and a beautiful, carefully created display of flowers can have an amazing impact on the well-being of those attending the funeral.

This is down not only to the sight of a beautiful floral arrangement, but also the scent of the chosen flowers. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful triggers for memory and emotion, and choosing flowers that have a particular smell can be vital in creating a relaxed and peaceful environment for the funeral party.

Ultimately there are many reasons why flowers are important at a funeral, and the decision to have them included as part of the service will depend on the personal choice of the family and friends attending the service. But there is a reason that flowers have been used for centuries to celebrate an individual's life during a funeral, and whether you choose to include them because they are a beautiful celebration of life, will pay tribute to the deceased, or you want to create an environment where people feel calm, and safe to grieve in peace, flowers are a thoughtful and traditional way to do so.

And with the innovations available from today's florists, you can create a unique and special bouquet that will have the greatest impact, and truly represent the person you are looking to pay your respects to.