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What Flowers To Send For The Funeral Of A Close Family Member

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08May 2018

What Flowers To Send For The Funeral Of A Close Family Member

Proper Etiquette for Sending Funeral Flowers

Choosing the right funeral flowers for a close family member can be a very stressful decision to make, and with so many options available, knowing where to start can seem difficult. So whether you already have a rough idea, or you've got no clue where to start, our guide will help you decide on the best option for you when sending funeral flowers. In our experience there are several options to consider when choosing flowers for funerals that will help determine the right option. You could choose:

Something They Would Like

If your loved one had a particular favourite flower, colour or season, you could certainly use this information to help you choose the best option for the day. This option is often the best way forward if possible as it ensures that whatever arrangement you choose, be it a funeral basket, funeral posy or something else, they will be formed of something you know that person would love. It makes it a true tribute to that individual, and can be used to mark and celebrate their life moving forward. As a result most people will opt to send flowers based on the deceased's likes.

Something with Meaning To You

Although sending funeral flowers that have meaning to the person who has passed away is arguably the most poignant option, the truth is that this isn't always possible. Sometimes the deceased may not have liked flowers, or you may not know the type they like. In this instance, assuming you still want to get flowers delivered to the funeral, you may elect to choose an arrangement based on your own preference. This was you will know that you will get enjoyment out of the flowers, and will also be able to associate that chosen flower with your loved one in the future.

Something Traditional

Should you be in a position where you don't know what the deceased liked, and you yourself do not have any particular affinity for a specific flower, then you may wish to speak with a florist about designing a more traditional bouquet. Florists are hugely knowledgeable about the meanings of different flowers and will therefore be able to advise you on those that are closely linked to loss and sympathy. This option allows you to send a funeral tribute that is fitting and well thought out, without having to worry about choosing specific flowers to be included.

Something Bespoke and Unique

If you aren't keen on the traditional funeral blooms available, you may choose to go for something more unique. Perhaps your loved one enjoyed travelling, so you may choose something exotic, maybe they were keen on a specific colour and you wish to have a bouquet designed that focusses on this. There are many ways in which you could tailor the funeral flowers to make them different, and this may be especially important if you know your loved one would not want the traditional arrangements.

Something That Represents Them

Ultimately you want something that will represent your loved one or your relationship with them. Thanks to the wonderful skills of professional floral designers you can create something that will really show how much you care. It could be a design showing their hobby, or something demonstrating your connection. Whatever you choose, be sure that it has some meaning for you, and your loved one, even if all it is, is a written not sharing your deep affection and love, it may only be seen by you, but at least you will know what it means.