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What to Do If You Forget to Send Funeral Flowers

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25Sep 2020

What to Do If You Forget to Send Funeral Flowers

How Far in Advance Can You Send Funeral Flowers?

It can be difficult to know what to do at the time of a funeral. As a friend of the family who has suffered a loss, you want to be there in whatever capacity you can, but at the same time, you are mindful of keeping some distance as you know they will need their space. The grieving process is different for everyone and happens in different stages.

How can you show the family that you care, that you are there for them? By sending a beautiful floral gift with meaning and symbolism, a gift that is ideal in such a situation. There is a reason why people send flowers when someone passes. Funeral flowers show that you are thinking of the family and get that heartfelt message across.

But at such a time, you likely knew the deceased too, and so it won’t be surprising if your mind’s a little frazzled too. Having funeral flowers delivered may not be at the forefront of your mind. Either that or with so many other things to take care of, arranging to send funeral flowers to the family may have slipped your mind. It is understandable. But what do you do if you forget to send funeral flower arrangements?

Nothing drastic will happen if you forget funeral flower delivery. However, it is poor etiquette. To show the family you care, it is a good idea to make a gesture of some sort, get across a message to show that they are in your thoughts. Are there alternatives to sending funeral flowers? You can show the family that you care by giving them something else, perhaps your time, just being around the family and perhaps assisting them when it comes to organising the funeral. Don’t just take this task on yourself though. A lot of families leave the organising of funerals to close family. Don’t get on board unless asked to do so.

The family are going to be grieving and will have a lot to organise. It is also likely that they are going to be welcoming visitors, have lots of people coming in and out of their home. If you have forgotten to send flowers, it may be a good idea to make some food, send them something they can tuck into instead. Such a gesture is sure to be much appreciated. Sending a sympathy basket containing fruits is another alternative to funeral flowers.

If you forget to send a bouquet of flowers, please note that it is never too late to organise flower delivery. Many florists can offer same day delivery service. If you are not fond of the flowers they have available, do your research and find a florist with the right funeral flowers. If they can’t offer you same day service, not to worry. There is no specific time frame that you have to abide by when sending flowers. Most people send flowers at the time of the funeral to the funeral home or the family’s home. But think about what the gesture means. The sending of the flowers is to show that you care. So, if you have forgotten to buy funeral flower arrangements, it is permissible to send flowers after the service. The grief of the family will last for some time, so there is a big window if you wish to show your support by sending flowers. The family are sure to appreciate the gesture, will care that you are showing your support in remembering the deceased. Certain flowers have certain meanings, and so if you wish to get across a heartfelt message, the flowers will speak for themselves.