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What to Write in a Sympathy Card?

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01Jul 2019

What to Write in a Sympathy Card?

Choosing the Perfect Words in Your Sympathy Card

Nothing is hard like getting the right and perfect words to express good memories and love to a family mourning their loved one. We all feel the need to sympathize with our friends, workmates or neighbours during this difficult time but get more confused on the appropriate approach to the shocking and sad news. Although words cannot get rid of the pain, choosing the perfect words in your sympathy card brings warmth, hope and indicates your love. Here are some useful tips you can use when expressing your emotions and feelings during this sad occasion:

Write a Simple Card

When people are grieving, they only need a brief and straightforward message to comfort them and show that you are aware of the sad news. You can use phrases like, ’Sorry for the loss; I send my sincere condolence, Receive my sympathies during this difficulty moments''. The words should indicate that you are aware and express your feelings. You can also choose to visit florists nearby and pick the best funeral flowers to accompany the card as this brings more warmth to the mourners.

Identify Yourself with the Card

During this time in life, many people are sending their cards to the family, its good you include your name. In case you decide to send funeral flowers, then make sure to write your full names on the card and attach to the sympathy flowers. Sometimes the family members tend to share the cards, and this gives an opportunity for the extended family to recognize your concern.

Indicate Your Nice Memories

Knowing a person means you once shared a moment with them in their life, try and share with the family. The family will love reading such a special memory and will give them the remembrance of the deceased all through in their life. Phrases like''…we will remember her/him for touching souls in the region…can you remember the story he/she gave us on your graduation?’’ In other times you can also create funeral tributes to the deceased by decorating your card with something they cherished or just did for fun. If the dead loved helping people in the community; you can paint true love in the sympathy card as a tribute.

Express Your Feelings

At the end of your card, try to indicate your feelings on death and give some comfort and hope to the mourners. Everyone is hurt differently so avoid some words like,’’I know what you are feeling’’. Try using words like …was a special person, we will miss him/her, wish you peace and comfort at this time’’ You can also show your feeling by sending funeral wreaths to give hope of the eternal life.