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What Type of Funeral Flowers Should I Send to the Family of the Deceased?

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27Sep 2019

What Type of Funeral Flowers Should I Send to the Family of the Deceased?

Most popular funeral flowers to send to the family of the deceased

Flowers are a form of expression in a funeral. When someone dies, flowers are used to express the pain and emptiness that words cannot explain. As a friend, you get flowers delivered to show your heartfelt sympathy, love, and comfort to the family of the bereaved. There is no particular type of flowers that one is not supposed to send; however, there are those flowers that are traditionally preferred for funerals.                         

Below are the most popular funeral flowers to send to the family of the deceased:

1. Casket sprays

This is one of the most popular sympathy flowers in the funeral service. As the name suggests, it is the flower used to adorn the casket. It is available in different colours and style. It is, therefore, easy to ask your local funeral florist to customize one that represents the deceased and family best. Casket sprays can also be used to express a personal message to the deceased.  Traditionally only immediate family members can place these flowers on the casket.

They are available in 2 types. They could be full casket and lid type. The full spray covers the length of the coffin while lid spray covers only the lid of the coffin.

2. Funeral floral arrangements

This bouquet is made from flowers that were traditionally deemed as funeral flowers.  Anyone can get these flowers. They are mostly put in a basket that is placed next to the casket or tables for beautification purposes. You could ask your local funeral flower delivery service to add a personal touch to the bouquet. You could, for example, deliver a bouquet made from the deceased favourite flowers or colour. They could also be placed on the grave of the deceased every time you visit the grave. For example, on the death anniversary.

3. Sprays

Funeral sprays are commonly made from chrysanthemums and carnations. They are the preferred option because of their long-lasting blooms. They are supposed to last a bit longer even after the burial. Sprays are strictly meant for the funeral service and should not be sent to the deceased home. These condolence flowers are displayed on the easel or graveside.

4. Wreaths

It is an assortment of flowers and leaves constructed in the form of a ring. Its circular shape represents eternity; an eternal circle of life. They can also be made heart-shaped. A wreath is traditionally placed by the children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews of the departed. Flowers delivered at the funeral home or the burial site. They are laid on the grave after the deceased has been buried. It symbolizes sympathy. You do not have to break the bank to buy these flowers. You could visit our online flower shop and customize one that falls within your budget.

5. Funeral cross

The floral arrangement is shaped like a cross. Traditionally, the funeral cross is sent only by the immediate family members. They are mounted on a simple stand and placed next to the casket of the deceased. You could also ask the florists to make smaller types for the children place to put inside the casket. You could customize the flowers to represent the deceased and the family as well.

6. Vase flower arrangement

They are made from customized flowers and come in a vase. They are generally smaller than the funeral bouquet. They are also not as loud. They can be sent by anyone to the funeral, home, or the office of the deceased despite you not having a personal relationship with the deceased. To those that knew the deceased personally, the vase arrangement can be used to reflect the personality and hobbies of the deceased.

Human beings are social creatures. We rely on one another for us to be able to function fully. That is why it is important for us to come together in good times and in sad times. In death, it is important to send flowers to the family of the bereaved. If you received the news of their demise later in the evening, you could use the next day flower delivery option to have the flowers delivered first thing the next day. You are sending flowers to symbolize your unity and commitment to the family. It is your way of saying sorry and sharing their pain without saying a word.